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 David Maister introduced in his book "'Managing the professional Firm"   three E's as key factors of succes for professional service firms .(www.davidmaister.com)




Shorter than that I cannot summarize the  proposition of my company.

What would this mean for you?

- You are looking for a representative on the Dutch Market

- You wish to exploit the potential of the Dutch -market

- You are looking for a efficient way to coordinate (direct) marketing campaigns or communication plans.

- You need translation or proofreading of your campaings

- You are looking for  a sparring partner to evaluate your marketing and/or communication plans

- You want an assesment of the Dutch market concerning the opportunity for your product or service.

- You want an update on your competition in the Dutch Market

- You need desk research on a Dutch Company or marketsegment

- You need legal advice on your marketing plan

Please contact me at henny@etriple.nl



Henny Nieuwenhuis MM CEO / owner of e-triple consultancy

35 years experience in Marketing & Communication in the Netherlands






 Closer to the kitchen, the local values become more important


No greater and more beneficial results to mankind have been attained in the whole history of the human race than have been accomplished within the last three quarters of a century

(Scientific American May 1870)